Houston Medical Malpractice Attorney

Houston Medical Malpractice AttorneyProving medical negligence can be complicated. With statutes of limitation and damage caps that seem to offer more protection to health care providers than their victims, you need a Houston medical malpractice lawyer who can help you understand your rights. If medical mistakes have caused you or a loved one harm, the experienced attorneys of Boutte and Associates, P.C. can successfully prove the defendant’s guilt and win you the compensatory and punitive damages you deserve.

Even though physicians take an oath to do no harm, doctor mistakes occur every day, causing irreparable damage and destroying the lives of their patients. Whether through administering vaccinations, prescribing medications, performing major surgery or performing minor operations, a physician can be negligent for a number of reasons. Distraction, physical or mental impairment, impatience or simple arrogance can cause a doctor or other health care provider to overlook key elements in diagnosis or treatment that can have devastating effects. Proving guilt in a malpractice case is a challenge that requires extensive medical knowledge, and we work with some of the top medical experts in the field to ensure we have a solid case.

At Boutte and Associates, our expert medical malpractice attorneys will work tirelessly to prove a preponderance of evidence against the defendant. To get compensation for your injuries and improve your quality of life, contact our Houston law firm today.