Houston Divorce Lawyer & Family Attorney

Houston Divorce Lawyer & Family AttorneyDivorce can be one of the most emotionally and financially stressful events you will ever have to face. Finding the right Houston divorce attorney can help to make the entire process easier and less complicated for all parties involved.

When children are involved, a qualified Houston child visitation lawyer is an invaluable asset, assisting in the proper enforcement of court orders and the modification of existing orders when needed. In order to ensure a healthy, happy, safe environment for the children of divorcing parents, child visitation laws must be observed and followed by both sides. With years of experience and in-depth understanding of family law, your Boutte and Associates lawyer will act as a knowledgeable mediator throughout legal proceedings as well as during any disputes that may occur after the divorce process is completed.

In most cases, the cessation of marriage involves not only determining custody of children and division of assets, but a specific amount of money that must be paid monthly in the form of child support. These funds are intended to supplement the custodial parent’s income and to provide support for the needs of the children after the separation. Boutte and Associates assists divorcing couples to determine a just and proper amount while helping to enforce court orders in the future if necessary. Contact us to schedule a consultation knowing that we have the knowledge and experience to protect the rights of you and your family.