Houston Child Visitation Lawyer & Family Attorney

Houston Child Visitation Lawyer & Family AttorneyChild visitation is a sensitive subject that almost invariably requires the assistance of a qualified Houston child visitation lawyer. Parents of a child who are no longer together must be aware of child visitation laws that apply to their particular situation.

While the best way to determine visitation is through a mutual agreement between the two parties, coming to an agreement about visitation scheduling is not always a simple matter.

If either parent does not feel that the current visitation schedule is fair, a modification of existing orders can be requested. The court will determine whether a proposed change to the current schedule is truly necessary by examining if such a change would be in the best interest of the child.

Child support generally does not affect whether a parent retains visitation rights. Parents should also be aware that it is not acceptable to withhold support payments if the custodial parent is denying visitation. Anyone dealing with a situation in which the other parent is either denying visitation or withholding support should consult a legal professional in order to ensure enforcement of court orders.

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